The Pilot is an initial test, in real time, of the solutions laid out at the blueprint stage.

CLIENT - Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.

Okapi was engaged by Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd. to identify ways to support a sustainable energy transition as India urbanizes. After comprehensive research and stakeholder interaction, a small set of initiatives were identified that could catalyze policy, private sector and community efforts toward adoption of lower emission, more efficient, energy sources and use technologies. Air Insight is one of the initiatives. Public awareness about the hazards of air pollution is on the rise, as is willingness to pay for mitigation and avoidance. Political will to act to reduce emissions is also incr

Year - 2015
CLIENT - Villgro Innovations Foundation

Working with Villgro Innovations Foundation and Uniphore Software Systems Pvt Ltd to develop a customizable platform for social enterprises to design automated voice-based interactions with their customers and other beneficiaries.

CLIENT - Villgro Innovations Foundation

Working with the Villgro Innovations Foundation to develop a research and operational strategy for the incubator and portfolio companies to test and refine their social impact strategies as well as track their effectiveness over time.