YEAR | 2014
CLIENT - World Resources Institute (WRI)
Building the Jobs Ecosystem in Renewable Energy

The promise of renewable energy (RE) in reducing poverty and promoting new employment opportunities is often spoken of as one of the many benefits of renewable energy, alongside improving energy security, enhancing energy access, and mitigating climate change, among others, especially for countries such as India. A collaboration between Okapi Research & Advisory and World Resources Institute, the RE Growth: Broadening Poverty Reduction Impacts in India Report seeks to understand opportunities for poverty reduction through employment generation along the RE supply chain. Based on an analysis of various RE-based programs and policies developed in India and a set of interviews with policy makers, program developers, training institutes, RE sector employers and employees, the Report defines and assesses the ecosystem around RE, evaluates the extent to which it supports the generation of “good jobs” in low-income areas and for low-income people and identifies ways to accelerate good job generation that results in sustainable poverty reduction. The Report aims to build an evidence base that will contribute to designing the larger ecosystem around RE programs and initiatives to accelerate poverty impacts through its supply chain.