YEAR | 2017
CLIENT - Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board
A Platform for Integrated Governance in Metropolitan Chennai: Developing Resilience Scenarios and Strategies through Participatory Simulations

Okapi, in collaboration with IIT Madras, Centre for Urbanization, Buildings, and Environment (CUBE) and Fields of View, is working on an 18-month project to combine sound technical research and participatory simulation modeling to develop strategies for integrated governance.

The purpose is to demonstrate how a more coordinated and collaborative process of decision-making can be designed to better deal with the intersecting challenges of urban development, water, and waste management in Metropolitan Chennai. Lessons learnt will offer a strategic blueprint for Chennai and other cities across India interested in fostering integrated governance for meeting sustainable development goals. The Kick-off meeting for this project was organized by the Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board, one of the supporting agencies, on September 18 th 2017 under the Chairmanship of the Principal Secretary/Commissioner, Revenue Administration and Disaster Management and Mitigation Department, Mr. K. Satyagopal.