The Near Future: Emerging Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Okapi has launched a series of futures research reports focused on understanding how policy, technology, social and economic change, and other developments intertwined to affect opportunities for entrepreneurs in India. The first report, Health Horizons 2021, written in collaboration with the Villgro Innovations Foundation, the IIT Madras Health Technology Innovation Centre, and CIRM Design Labs is currently available as a draft for public comment and will be launched as a final report in December 2014.

Recent Writings -

Seddon, J., Dalal, B., Graft, A., Joseph, J.,Joshi, N., Neelakantan, A., Paarmann, E., Ruchismita, R. (2015). Health Horizons 2021: Emerging Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs. 

../wp-content/uploads/publications/285/Health Report_120815.pdf

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