Okapi’s Urban Transformation portfolio is sensitive to the need for collective and strategic action for a more sustainable urban future that fosters urban growth while paying attention to cities’ social and environmental concerns. With that inspiration, we design, pilot, and develop blueprints of innovative institutional solutions for complex urban problems. In this effort, we draw upon critical and innovative social-scientific research techniques to enable governments, industries, and communities to foster more sustainable urban quality of life for all. Okapi experts have extensive research and consulting experience working in India and internationally on diverse urban challenges and opportunities. This work ranges across urban planning, civic-engagement, e-governance, transportation, solid waste, energy, water, and green space management.

CLIENT - Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board , Tata Trusts , Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company, Limited (Chola)

Okapi is collaborating with the Centre for Urbanization, Buildings and Environment (CUBE) at IIT Madras and with Fields of View on an 18-month project that combines sound technical research and participatory simulation modeling to develop strategies for integrated governance. The project purpose is to demonstrate how a more coordinated and collaborative process of decision-making can be designed to better deal with the intersecting challenges of urban development, water and waste management in Metropolitan Chennai. Lessons learnt will offer a strategic blueprint for Chennai and other cities ac


Writing a case study on contract design for solid waste management concessions in Chennai. The report focuses closely on strategies for specifying, monitoring, and rewarding performance in order to ensure service quality as well as compliance with environmental norms in a sustainable partnership. 

CLIENT - Prime Minister's National Transport Development Policy Committee

Okapi experts drafted background papers, case studies, and analysis of institutional design options for national, state, and urban transport governance in India. Our contribution to the Committee's report considered various aspects of governance, from strategic planning to public investment monitoring. 

CLIENT - Kelkar Committee on PPPs

Background paper on institutional design options to enable more flexible PPP contracts that are better able to survive negative shocks and capture value from positive surprises. 

CLIENT - Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

India has ambitious targets for providing electrification to all its villages by May 2018 and 24x7 power to all households by March 2019. Part of this goal will be achieved by expansion of the national grid, as well as the amount of power that flows through it. But it will also require an expansion of off-grid electricity provided by private energy service companies (ESCOs). These companies, often small and medium enterprises operating in rural areas with unreliable or no grid electricity, provide a range of services from generation and distribution to user services and maintenance through mi

CLIENT - Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Okapi worked with TERI and the Shakthi Sustainable Energy Foundation to analyse the institutional framework for vehicle emissions testing at the national and state level in India. We developed a variety of institutional design upgrades to strengthen the in-use inspection and maintenance regime.