YEAR | 2018
CLIENT - Institute of Water Management (IWMI)
Financing urban sanitation provisioning for low income urban settlements in New Delhi

With the increasing focus on decentralized and non-sewer options for the provision of sustainable sanitation infrastructure and services it has become imperative to address all components of the sanitation service chain, in particular decentralized systems, to design and implement sound business models with a robust financing and cost recovery plan.

The Institute of Water Management (IWMI) hired Okapi on a short term assignment for its sustainable urban sanitation program to develop a robust, flexible and scaleable financial model within the scope of the Public-Private-Partnership architecture based on IWMI's preliminary work in a resettlement colony in New Delhi.

The financial model focused on specific sanitation systems deployed in the resettlement colony and proposed recommendations for a replication plan to upscale the sanitation model across Delhi through viable financial mechanisms and through review of select PPPs in the water and sanitation sector.