Development Finance & Indian Political Economy

Development finance – the conversion of finance into infrastructure and services to contribute to environmentally and sustainable opportunities – is a significant political and administrative challenge anywhere, and even more so for a country as large and socio-economically diverse as India. Much of my work on political economy of India has been focused on understanding the pace of organizational change within the State as its relationship with the private sector and civil society evolves. Between the intergovernmental give-and-take of an evolving federation, the political fireworks of a coalition government, and the administrative complexity of implementing policies and public investment plans, there is always some new twist to understand.

Recent Writings -

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Seddon, Jessica. Contributing Author to Indo-California Air Pollution Mitigation Programme (2014): Strategies for Reducing Emissions from Transport (Lead Author, Governance Chapter)

../wp-content/uploads/publications/210/ICAMP Report.pdf

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Reading Between the Lines: Seeing the Poor in India, Issue 6 Prayas, an online magazine (Guest Editor)

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