A Platform for Integrated Water Governance in Metropolitan Chennai: Developing Future Scenarios and

Okapi is collaborating with the Centre for Urbanization, Buildings and Environment (CUBE) at IIT Madras and Fields of View on a project that combines sound technical research and participatory simulation modelling to

Chennai City Resilience Strategy 2019

Okapi is collaborated with Resilient Chennai and 100 Resilient Cities by Rockefeller Foundation, to develop Chennai's Resilient Strategy.

Understanding Disaster Vulnerability of Chennai’s homeless

Okapi is conducting a qualitative research study

Beyond Off Grid: Integrating Mini Grids with India's Evolving Energy System

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest report, Beyond Off Grid: Integrating Mini Grids with India's Evolving Electricity System, in collaboration with Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, Asha impact and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Clean Energy Innovation Ecosystem in the SME Sector in India

Okapi, in collaboration with WWF-India is working on a study that seeks to identify challenges and opportunities in the clean energy innovation ecosystem particularly for SMEs.

Financing Urban Sanitation Provisioning For Low Income Urban Settlements In New Delhi

With the increasing focus on decentralized and non-sewer options for the provision of sustainable sanitation infrastructure and services it has become imperative to address all components of the sanitation service chain.